Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trust in Mutts

Today is Mutt's Day! Having been an owner of what I'm 87% sure was a mutt, I can say that mutts make fantastic pets. See, a mutt is a pet (usually dog, although it may stretch over into other species) that is not thoroughbred. It can come from a line of simply two different breeds, or it can have a lot of diverse influence going on in it's DNA. Whatever it's ancestry may be, it always makes for a unique look and personality. These aren't the kinds of dogs that you'll see being paraded around the park like they own it all (their owner might, though). These are the kinds of dogs that like to run freely and get dirty playing with other dogs and small children. They make much better pets than thoroughbreds because they are so much less haughty. Mutts know they aren't perfect, but they're perfectly fine with it. They take what life gives them and make it work. Plus, if Mutts didn't exist, thoroughbreds wouldn't have anything going for them.

Here's a video of some mutts!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Best Kind Of Anything

Today is National Cheesecake Day! Cheesecake is quite possibly the best kind of cake. It's smooth, rich, and filling. It also comes in just a bunch of different flavors, so there is absolutely no way you can get tired of it. I would say that there's no wrong way to eat it, but there actually is. If your cheesecake has actual cake in it (I'm looking at you, red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory), then it's wrong. Cheesecake is meant to be smooth and uninterrupted by some fluffy filler cake. I don't mean any offense to Cheesecake Factory. Their White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is the best cheesecake they have in my opinion. Buuuuuuut, my workplace has been making these awesome mini-cheesecakes in such awesome flavours like Cookies n' Cream that have become my main source of cheesecake nutrition because they are so very good.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

You Cheddar Believe It!

Today is Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day! I'm not quite sure I would qualify this as another food holiday. From what very little is available to me that deals with the meaning and history of today, I have more or less decided that the most prominent way to celebrate today is to go out and buy cheese for use in mouse traps. At least, that's what most people seem to be saying. I suppose it makes sense, since you purchase cheese only to sacrifice it in hopes of catching a mouse. I don't know if sacrifice is the best word, though... but I'm only a celebrator of days, not a namer of days.

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Wow that was a short one...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chunks of Joy

Today is National Milk Chocolate Day! Milk chocolate is perhaps, the most popular form of chocolate. It may be due to the fact that as young children, we can be given a Hershey's and have nothing explained to us. I remember when my mom first introduced me to dark chocolate and I didn't understand that it wasn't just a change of color. However, today isn't about dark chocolate, it's about milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is by far the best kind, in my own correct opinion. It's good as a bar, as sprinkles, as syrup, as ice cream, and as pretty much anything that chocolate can be used for. So find a way to get some milk chocolate into your gut today (It should be a gut by now if you've been properly celebrating all these food holidays... unless you celebrated yesterday in a hardcore style beyond my comprehension). Once you've gotten your chocolate, you can cross today off the list, too! If you have a list... I do... I don't cross them off though. ... Do whatever it is you do after you celebrate a holiday.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fickle Creatures

Today is Take Your Pants For a Walk Day! Perhaps a kinder, gentler way of saying "Get Your Butt In Shape", today is a day to go for a walk... with pants on... ON. That also means no skirts, dresses, shorts, tutus, or kilts.

Your pants need to work out too, after all. Their fitness is a little flipped compared to ours, though. When jeans seem to be getting tight around your waist, that means that you need to start working them out. The easiest way to do so is to simply wear them while you work out. After a while, you'll notice they stop becoming so needy and clinging to your hips all the time. That means that they are now ready to loosen up and be comfortable around the other articles of clothing in your closet. Of course, sometimes they become so free from your waist, that you simply have to let them go, lest they try to escape of their own accord at an inopportune moment.

Don't worry, though! You can go buy a new pair of pants and start working out with them! If you do so often enough, not only will your own physique become maintained, but you'll have helped many pairs of pants on their journey to comfiness. Soon, when you are in peak condition and have helped enough of pants-kind, they will bestow upon you a gift in the form of the perfect pair of pants. Be careful not to take it for granted, however, as they are known to start constricting those who take them for granted, and you have begin the cycle anew.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All In

Today is All or Nothing Day! Today is a day to put it all on the line! There is no scale of action today, but only the two distinct ends. Either you do all you possibly can to get all your work done and your needs fulfilled, or you don't even try.

There isn't any room for hesitation or neutrality today. No sir, that kind of thing gets you killed in a dog-eat-dog world. One false move and you're gone just because you didn't know when to fold 'em! Be extra careful out there today because all the celebrators of this holiday are going to seem unstoppable. Or very stoppable. If any situation arises, you look it dead in the eye and take it down by the scruff of it's neck. Or... y'know... not.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sew Difficult

Today is Thread the Needle Day! While today could be interpreted as a day to sew something, the phrase "thread the needle" means to find your way through a seemingly difficult task. In case you haven't ever sewn anything before, I can tell you that getting the thread through the needle's eye (thats the lil' hole) is actually very difficult. It's also unfortunately pretty key to the whole project. If you can't get that done, then chances are you won't get much of anything sewn.

That scenario perfectly fits the phrase. Oftentimes, you may find yourself in a very difficult and potentially damaging situation if you were to slip up. Much like the needle's eye, when it's put close enough to your eye (please make sure its the right end of the needle) you can see everything through it. You know that once you get through that horribly difficult area, everything else becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

So if you are in such a scenario, just know that while it may be hard, you should not give up. Sewing is a very useful task and if nobody did it, we'd all be wearing clothes with holes in them. Also, if you are looking at this holiday in the literal sense (which I apparently am), it would super cool of you to sew my a shirt. I could always use more of them. I wear an Adult Small in most every kind of shirt. Just... FYI.

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P.S. Knitting doesn't count.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

She Really Does Have Moxie.

Today is Amelia Earhart Day! As you know, Amelia was a record-breaking female aviator of the early 1900's. She was born on this day in 1897. Amelia is probably one of my favorite historical figures for reasons that actually have surprisingly little to do with the fact Amy Adams played her in a movie. Although that did get ol' Amelia some bonus points. She was and is one of my favorite people to learn about because of several, more respectable reasons.

For one, she lived in the era that I would have loved to live in, and one that I constantly try to learn more about. For two, there's a lot of mystery surrounding her disappearance overseas, and if there is one thing I can't resist it's a mystery. For three, she broke walls and shattered expectations, and there isn't anything more inspiring than seeing someone overcome the low ceilings that people try to trap them under. The great part is, she didn't just break through the ceiling and walk away, she kept aiming higher.

Obviously the best way to celebrate today is to study up on Earhart. You could probably find a plethora of books that have to deal with her, as many people are inspired by her. There have been songs dedicated to her since her disappearance all the way up until just two years ago. If you want a jump-start on fun facts about her, then her first name means "work" when traced back to it's roots. So there you go! Now your brain is already on the subject, so you might as well go all out and read about her. If you are in school or college, she's a great person to write a report or thesis on.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Sundae

Today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day! I'm pretty sure I've mentioned vanilla ice cream is by far my favourite "base" flavour of ice cream. Literally any topping can be added to it because it just lends itself to other flavours. Anyway, today is pretty simple and I got it done in less than a half hour. So, you go to Target or whatever you grocery store or market stall of choice is and buy some vanilla ice cream. You then take it home, decorate it according to your tastes, and eat it. I'm not going to tell you how to top it or eat it because everyone has their own perfect bowl of ice cream and I'm not going to taint your mind with my ideas. Even though it's pretty much a fact that I'm the pro-est ice cream bowl maker alive.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mob Doesn't Like Rats.

Today is Ratcatcher's Day! It celebrates the tale of the Pied Piper leading the rats out of the town of Hamlin. If you've read the tale, you know that since the town wouldn't pay the piper for his services, he took the children away from the town and... drowned them? I think. Maybe I'm mixing up myths, but that's how I seem to remember it. And I'm to lazy to google it. If you didn't read the story then I'm sorry for the possible spoiler.

Today is a day to do one of many things. You could not pay the debts you owe and learn the hard way what will happen if you don't. You could be a pied piper and teach people what happens to them when they don't pay their debts. ... I just realized what horrible advice that is. Especially if the mafia reads my blog. Er.... not that i mean any offense, Don...

I should go lay low for a while. Maybe play some Mouse Trap. Both the game and the movie. Or was the movie called Mouse Hunt? ... again: Too lazy to google.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Johnny's Tale

Today is National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day! Uuuuuuuh.... STORY TIME!


The air was hot and only amplified by the river water dripping from the hair of the participants. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for. Everything other match was merely a warm up. Little Johnny smelled like potatoes from the sack race, and his older sister, Susan, was behind him and she still had red marks on her ankle from the three legged race. Behind Susan was his mother who had no noticeable stains, since she had only participated in the egg-spoon obstacle course. At the back was his dad with feet placed firmly into the ground and a face with a beard almost drenched in cherry syrup from the pie eating contest. He was the anchor. There to make sure the rope never pulled past where he stood. Johnny, Susan, and Mom would be doing most of the pulling.

Across a large puddle of mud that had been created not moments ago stood the opponents. The Trapper family. They had 5 people: Mr. and Mrs. Trapper, Mandie, Jason, and Riley. Mr. Trapper wasn't as big as Johnny's dad, so he wouldn't be as good of an anchor, but they still had extra manpower. Riley could usually be seen alongside Johnny all the time, as they loved each other's company, but today she was his arch nemesis. Looks were exchanged between all of the warriors as Johnny's puppy Max ran back and forth in the mud barking at either side, not knowing what was happening.

Finally, the starting firecracker's fuse ended. As soon as the pop was heard, the rope tightened to an extreme. The cords of the rope were audibly rearranging themselves according to the weight being put on either end. The ribbon in the middle of the rope moved to and fro over the muddy ground as it fluttered in the breeze. Johnny was pulling with all the might his small muscles could. He felt like his training with his mom's two-pound weights that he had been doing the day before really payed off. He heard his dad's feet scratching against the ground and his mom and sister pulling behind him.

His feet started slipping towards the puddle. Impossible! He had put all his effort into winning this year! But wait! He saw that people were readjusting their grip. Even he was guilty of taking such brief moments of respite from the constant burning of the rope. It turned into a game of endurance. He held his grip as tight as he could and yelled for his dad to move back so he could have more space away from the puddle. Slowly, his dad took steps backwards. He put all of his weight (plus a few cherry pies) into pulling what slack there as in the rope to their side. Soon, Johnny saw it. The perfect opening. Mr. Trapper's foot was angled uncomfortably, and he lifted it off the ground to readjust.

Johnny let out the loudest war cry he could possibly muster and pulled as hard as he could. His father joined in and gave the rope a large yank. Riley was pulled in, and soon Jason tripped over her and landed head first in the puddle. From there, it was cake Johnny turned with the rope still in hand and ran away from the puddle. The rest of his family joined him. They soon heard the satisfying splash of their enemies falling into the murky pool. The victory was celebrated with watermelon, hot dogs, and lemonade. Johnny would remember this day forever.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ain't Got No Alibi

Today is Ugly Truck Day! Since I am a denizen of the southern states, I see more than my fair share of ugly trucks. The thing about ugly trucks is that they are gorgeous to their owners. Every dent, stain, scratch, hole, and animal on or in the truck is another tale of a small adventure they had out on (or off) the road. In fact, some truck owners claim to have taken their truck straight from the dealership into a field to see just how off road it could go. Trucks are, after all, known for being the tough long-lasting automobiles that stay with you as long as you can keep it running. Truck owners are more likely to own dogs since they are the more loyal pet.* That doesn't necessarily mean the the truck owner is loyal, but just that that is what they appreciate in their autos, pets, and most likely their significant others, too. That's why a lot of country songs are written about somebody the singer loved leaving them.**

* This statement may not be true, but could totally be.
** Ditto

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mmm... Flitch...

Today is Flitch Day! Today is a day that was and quite possibly still is celebrated predominantly by the citizens of Dunmow. Today, married couples would go to a faux court to have a mock hearing about their marital status. If they could truthfully say that they had not harmed the other in any way for a year and one day, then they would be given a flitch. They had to do it in front of ALL the townsfolk, too, so you know that someone would have spoken up if it weren't true. Flitches aren't to be taken lightly, after all.

Hmm? What's that? Oh. What's a flitch? Oh, my poor, naive friend. A flitch is a side of bacon. Or to be more literal, it it a side of a pig that has been turned into bacon. Now before all my american pals get all "aaaaaaaw yeeeeeeeeah, booyyyyyy" about all this, keep in mind that most european countries called slices of ham 'bacon' back in the day. Some still do. Okay, a lot still do. But that doesn't mean it isn't still delicious. Here, take a look.

Plus, what an incentive to not beat each other up right? It makes me wonder if marriages don't work out as well as they do today because we don't have bacon as incentive to not be idiots to our significant others. Not that I would know. Having never been married and all that. ... I honestly hope that bacon doesn't play that great of a part in your relationships, though. Unless... you're a pig farmer or something... I dunno.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Seems Fishy.

Today is National Caviar Day! I've only had caviar once in my life when a friend brought it as a show and tell to school in the third grade. At lunch, she shared with everyone and we all put a little bit on those long crackers that come in the Handi-Snacks packages. My thoughts at the time were "This isn't nearly as disgusting as I thought eating a raw egg from a live fish from a dirty tank of water would be". I haven't had any since, though... simply because it's apparently not all that common of a thing to find at your local grocery store. I'll try to find some, though. I hear the Caspian Sea has the best, though. I think I read that in a book about the prince there.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brain freeze

Today is National Ice Cream Day! Today is also really, REALLY hot. So I didn't get a picture of the ice cream I did eat since it melted so fast. I DID get brain freeze, though. That's always fun. What's even worse is when you whole spine feels frozen and your eyes start watering up and soon your whole skeleton feels like it's just going to shatter if a gentle breeze touches you. Anyway, pick whatever flavor of ice cream you want, but if you want to knock out two scoops with one spoon then you should know that...

Today is also National Peach Ice Cream Day! The first holiday is actually meant to be celebrated on the third sunday of July (today), but this one is always on the 17th. Now that you know, you won't almost miss one because your calendar is messed up like mine was.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Juggling Again.

Today is World Jugglers Day! By my count, this is the third holiday dealing with juggling this year. I really don't know why juggling has that many. It's not that it isn't a cool talent to have. It's just that I don't think it's three-holidays-a-year cool.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, though... maybe it's World Jugglers Day, not World Jugglers Day. Because if that's the case, then that is a totally different story. I don't know anyone who can juggle worlds, though. I think the closest person would have to be Atlas. And even then, that's only the more modern depiction of him. See, most people think of him as the mythological being that holds up our earth, when in fact he doesn't. He was actually punished (for rebelling against the Olympians) by being forced to hold up the sky. He was put on the western edge of the earth and was told to hold up the sky so that the two would never meet. Plus, I would think the sky would be lighter...

That really makes more sense, too, if you think about it. If he's holding up the sky, that means that there is one point where he always will be just so he can hold the sky away from the earth. If he was holding the earth in the same manner that most of our statues now show him doing, we would constantly see his arms and smell his pit-sweat. And you know when you hold something heavy and it starts to hurt your fingers so you wiggle your fingers just a bit to get a better grip or maybe shrug a shoulder? Yeah he'd do that and we'd be shaking or getting squashed by random fingers constantly.

Anyway... World Jugglers Day.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tapiooo Caaanada

Today is National Tapioca Pudding Day! I don't know much about tapioca anything aside from what little I gleaned from this video clip when I was younger. Aside from that I'm about as far away from being a font of tapioca knowledge as you could get. So I guess... some kind of void or vacuum. Well, that's enough filler for today's holiday. Like any other food holiday, you celebrate by eating the food that the holiday is based on. So... on to the more interesting sounding day.

Today is also Respect Canada Day! Now before you laugh like I did when I saw this holiday, it's not nearly as dumb as it would seem. See, the holiday was made by Canada FOR Canada. It's a day when canadians observe the beauty of their land and try to realize that they shouldn't screw it up with littering and angry faces. This is a MAJOR difference from what I thought it was: A day made by Canada telling other countries to respect it. That'd be like the principal's kid at the school making a day where he just expects people to not pick on him. That's not cool. So, my bad for assuming, Canada. This holiday is actually pretty cool. Kind of like your own private Earth Day. I assume other countries are welcome to respect Canada, too, though, if they wanted.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Burnt Out

Today is National Nude Day! So, I just got home from work after burning my hand on the deep fryer, so the last things I want on my mind are: Heat, french fries, and skin. We don't make french fries... thats just what my fingers feel like.

Anyway, today is a day to be nude for while I guess. Obviously hard to do in modern society, but... yeah.

Sorry... my brain is 83% focused on the pain in my hand... and 29% on the fact that a sandwich is being made for me. 0% of it evens cares about math. That's just a general statement that has nothing to do with anything else I've said.

So be nude today. In your house please. And don't overdo it. Or ever speak of it. That'd be nice.

It took me 45 minutes to write all this with my one working hand.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss

Today is Fool's Paradise Day! A "Fool's Paradise" is something that is oft used in literature (a word that I can't not pronounce in a fancy voice) to say that someone is basically blissfully unaware of how false the supposed perfection they are partaking in actually is. That only sounds complicated because I'm horrible at defining it with definitions. So instead, I'll try with theoretical situation!

Think of it like pyrite (Fool's Gold). It's not real gold, but if you don't have the geological know-how to discern that on your own, or if you don't go get it appraised by an expert, you may never know. And you can horde all that fake gold in your house or even build your house out of it. And it will be shiny and pretty and you'll be so happy thinking that your whole life is gold, sunshine, and puppies with day-long lollipops stuck to their heads because that's probably adorable. In this scenario, you would be a fool in a fool's paradise.

You can celebrate today by NOT being trapped in a Fool's Paradise. See, I would say go ahead and do it, but they are dangerous things. You might think "Oh, I'll just stay a day and be done with it.", but before you realize it you've been there for years! Trapped with the rest of the Lotus-Eaters! Your only hope is if someone too smart to be fooled comes by and drags you out of it so you can go home again!

But, I mean, hey... your choice right? I think I'll just spend today putting extra effort into not being put into a Fool's Paradise. I prefer the real kind.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nut bad at all.

Today is National Pecan Pie Day! If my metabolism weren't comparable to a tornado made of barbed wire, all of these food holidays would really be doing a number on my system. On another, more pertinent note, I've never had pecan pie before, so today is pretty much the perfect day for me to try some. I warned the chefs at my workplace that today was National Pecan Pie Day about 4 days ago, and I've been told they have made some pecan pies for the occasion. This is, just in case you were wondering, the first time that a business has decided to take part in my holiday celebrations with me (Aside from Firehouse Subs, who tweeted that they were going to celebrate submarine day after I tweeted them about it). I'm not counting Welch's because they previously knew about PB&J day, so I was celebrating with them more than they were with me. All that aside, I'm gonna see if I can't go score myself a slice of Pecan Pie. In fact... I'm not going to push "Publish Post" on this until I have a picture of that slice.


They convinced me to get a chocolate chip brownie bite, too. I gotta say that red velvet cake balls still win it out over the rest of our stick-based treats, though.

The pecan pie was pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of nuts in desserts, though, so as a personal preference I probably wouldn't eat it if given the choice between it and apple pie or pumpkin pie. But it's flavour is pretty decent. Not bad for a first try pie, that's for sure. I give it a rating of: Nut too bad. As in: Dang this tastes good, but it has nuts... too bad.

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Monday, July 11, 2011


Today is National Cheer Up The Lonely Day! Being lonely sure can be a saddening experience, so it stands to reason that lonely people could use the occasional pick-me-up. As it so happens, there is one sure-fire cure for loneliness: company. Crazy right? Spending time with someone who is alone makes them not alone simply because of the fact that you are with them! While you can cheer them up through a letter, over the phone, or online, it just isn't the same at all. Spend some time with someone in your life that you think may need a little company. Don't limit it to just today, either. Everybody needs somebody to talk and hang out with, so why only be that person one day a year? Even self-proclaimed "lone wolfs" get lonely. In fact, they are sometimes among the loneliest. So do your best to spot those in need and give them some time out of your routine!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today is Clerihew Day! A clerihew is a four-line poem structure created by Edmund Clerihew. Ed wrote quite a few that I can find online, but one that keeps surfacing is this:

Sir Christopher Wren
Said, "I am going to dine with men."
If anyone calls
Say I am designing St. Paul's."

They are usually if not always written in first person view, and are intended to be quick, quirky quips from the person's thoughts about things from mundane activities to famous people of the times. Mostly the latter, though.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to read plenty more if Ed's writings.

Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cookie Texture

Today is National Sugar Cookie Day! Sugar cookies are among the most popular cookie flavours since they are so basic and are very easy to add almost any kind of decoration to without taking away the taste. The one complaint I usually have about sugar cookies is they are sometimes too hard. That's a general rule for all cookies, actually. The middle should be soft and almost as doughy as the actual dough. Sugar cookies have to follow that rule more than any other, though, as they are so simple. Chocolate chip cookies have chocolate to redeem them. Sugar cookies are just sugar, so you need a great texture to make up for the variety it doesn't have.

Still, sugar cookies are delicious and today is a day to eat them. I work at a bakery, so it'll be pretty easy for me to celebrate. You're just gonna have to figure out if you want to make your own or go to the grocery store and buy some.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Shocking Deals

Today is Video Game Day! Now, video games have base for much controversy, yet they are an undeniably prevalent form of media used to express ideas and stories in such a way that simply cannot be done through other forms of... wait... Video Game Day?! That's awesome! Who made this holiday? Ralph Baer? Probably not, but it would be cool if it WAS him. Dang. I wasn't prepared for this at aaaaaall.

Naw, I totally was. I've been playing a little PS3 game called "inFamous" in preparation for today. Because today, I went out and bought it's sequel "inFamous 2". They didn't have any copies of it left, though. At least not any normal copies. I bought the hero edition for about ten dollars more and it came with just a BUNCH of goodies. Including (but not limited to) things that were probably worth 10-60 dollars alone. I got the whole set for around $65, though. Look at all this stuff!

Alright I'm done geeking out now. I'm just gonna go play this game for the next several hours. ... So... not... really done geeking out at all... I've just be geeking passively for a while.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Picky Eater

Today is National Strawberry Sundae Day! So, yet again, we have another food holiday. This one, however, I do have some things to talk about. See, one of the best snacks during the summer is ice cream for obvious reasons. However, it's also one of the many foods I am very particular about. It has to be made right, and the toppings have to compliment the flavour of the ice cream. To some people, ordering a strawberry sundae at a restaurant is fine by them, and I'll order one too if it's available and there isn't any cheesecake or chocolate desserts available instead. But I much prefer a homemade sundae simply because I control all the ratios.

My perfect Strawberry Sundae goes a little something like this:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Fresh Strawberries cut into slices and mixed with the ice cream
Strawberry wedges surrounding the edge of the bowl
A dollop of whipped cream topped with a whole strawberry
A light amount of chocolate syrup
A sprinkling of freshly grated hershey's chocolate
Just the tiniest bit of dotted sprinkles in the center.

Any and all cherries I find will be thrown away! Or given to a friend who likes cherries at least.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deep-Fried Thoughts

Today is National Fried Chicken Day! If you've been reading this blog, or if you know me in what is sometimes referred to as "real life", then you know I am a big fan of food. Which means I would be a fan of food-based holidays simply based on the obvious association. The one downside to there being so many food-based holidays is that I eventually run out of ways to suggest your style of celebration for the day. There are only so many ways to eat, and only so many ways to explain food. Sure, with the unique foods it's easier, or perhaps ones that I have a personal anecdote, but this is fried chicken. It's chicken that is fried. It's really too simple for me to want to explain because that would make me seem like I was talking down to you. You don't even have to make any if you live in the U.S.A. You can just go to KFC and get a bucket. Yeah. A bucket... of chicken... fried. Welcome to America!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Personal Day

Today is Workaholics Day! Today is a day for all the people that have an addiction to work to do one of two things: try to stop working and relax for the day or celebrate the addiction. Now, I'm absolutely zero types of doctor, but in my opinion celebrating an addiction is rarely (if ever) good. So to all my workaholic readers out there, I suggest you take the day off. Eat some calming homemade food. Actually have something delivered because that's less work for you. Use me as an example: I'm updating my daily blog late at night and feeling rushed because I have a video game to get back to. A VIDEO GAME. To get back to! That's so much "not work" it almost hurts.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Twain's Twang

Today is National Country Music Day! Country Music seems to be one of those genres of music that everyone either loves or hates. A majority of music made in America has it's roots in country, though, so if you aren't careful you might find yourself liking it. Since it's also the fourth day into the month of July, country music is very likely to be played very loudly in big open fields. Or as open as a field can be with hundreds of people standing in a crowded area surrounded by grills, the sun, and later on large explosions in the sky. You might say "Won't that be hot an uncomfortable?". Yyyyep.

Today is also Tom Sawyer Fence-Painting Day! If you haven't read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or maybe it was just "Tom Sawyer" to you, then you probably won't get this holiday or a lot of references that people make to it on a monthly basis in the south. The brief explanation is that Tom Sawyer was painting his fence and tricked his friends into painting the fence that he had been tasked with. You can celebrate today in three easy steps.

1) Get work assigned to you.
2) Trick someone else into doing it with your wit and boyish charm
3) Take the day off.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Paranoid Narcissist

Today is Stay Out of the Sun Day! Having just driven (drove? droven?) home in the heat of a car without air conditioning in the afternoon of the middle of the summer, I can say that today is a GREAT day to stay out of the sun. It's hot, it's unstoppable, and it's aimed right at you. A day in the summer is exactly like a natural human life. At the beginning, it's new, beautiful, and it's just a great thing to see: Newborn. Right around noon, it starts getting to be a little bit of a handful. It annoys you, it might even hurt you if you are with it too long: Pre-teen to around 23 depending on maturity levels. Right before dusk it starts calming down and mingles with the lower clouds and rooftops. It's barely getting a little more colour as it has experienced much in the hours it has been out: Middle Age. Finally there is sunset. The time when there is brilliant changes of color as it cools down and reflects on all it's done in it's time before it's gone for the night: Oldies. The moral of the story is: Stay out of the sun in the middle of the day. Also pre-teens I guess.

Today is also Compliment Your Mirror Day! Well, well, well. These holidays go hand in hand! If you choose to stay out of the sun by staying inside (wise choice), then you can take the time that you could have been spending working on your tan (or burn if you're me) telling yourself how good you look instead. It's fairly easy to do. All you need is a mirror (preferably clean), and your face (again... preferably clean). Then you just notice all the good things about your face, and compliment yourself on them. Easy peasy right? You could also take the literal route and compliment your mirror. Look how perfectly cut and reflective it is!

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Visiting Lizzy

Today is Visitation of the Virgin Mary Day! Today is a day that celebrates the day when the Virgin Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth. Mary was pregnant with Jesus while Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist. Elizabeth blessed Mary and her unborn child, and John jumped around in Elizabeth's womb. This isn't really a major religious holiday, but it's still viewed by a number of churches (most catholic). It's also celebrated by one of the most time honored celebrations in existence: Feasting. I don't see any specifics as to what is in the feast, so I'm to assume that (since it was a holiday created in the medieval days) it's mostly meat and drink. Feasting, in my opinion, is by far the best way to celebrate. It's simple, it's easy, and it's fun. What's great about a feast is the variety. Anybody can be involved! Vegetarian? Salad! Carnivore? Steak! Normal person? EVERYTHING!

Regardless of what you eat today, remember the spirit of the holiday. Try reading into the event and seeing what significance you can find in it to take away. (Trust me, you'll always find something to take away). The biblical references for the event are: Luke 1:41 (That's the exact verse, but read the whole chapter for context ( 'cause context is good for you))

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Chilled Innovation

Today is Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day! Today is a day to come up with, or search for a creative ice cream flavor. My favourite ice cream (in america) is probably Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream. It's not really TOO much of a stray from what you'd expect to taste in ice cream, but it's good and original. However, my favorite ice cream in the world is the KnickerBocker glory that I had at Cox's Yard in Stratford Upon Avon. It had gooseberry ice cream! I didn't know that existed, but I am now addicted to it.

Oh... right... mine didn't last long enough to get a good picture of it...
Here's a picture of one that my friend had! (And practiced more self control on)

Pro Tip: (If you tilt your screen, you can see what other food we had on that check)

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