Saturday, September 24, 2011

So Shiny...

Today is The Festival of the Latest Novelties! I've had considerable trouble getting my computer to run properly, and today, I took it (for the second time) to my tech-savvy friend's house so he could help me fix it, and I could help him move a very VERY heavy bronze indian statue. Thats a story for another day. Well, the indian part is... I'm telling you about the first part right now. We finally got it fixed (knock on wood) and I can finally enjoy the shiny new computer. Granted, a computer isn't really as much of a novelty item so much as a whoopie cushion or a chinese finger-trap might be, but most of the video games I will be installing and playing are equally as eclectic. However, if it appeases some of the more literal viewers I have, I will have you know that I also played with one of those cups that have a ball attached to it. I think their called Cup-and-Balls? Either that or Ball-in-a-Cups. Whatever they're called, rest assured that it's a very original name. Or at the very least, it's descriptive. Tell your mom you want a Cup n' Ball, and there is really no other toy she should come home with unless she was just straight up not even listening to you.

Thanks for reading!