Friday, April 15, 2011

Makeing Mistkaes

Today is Rubber Eraser Day! Erasers haven't always been there for us to make our past mistakes (or at least our written ones) disappear, so today is a day to celebrate the fact that they now exist. Sure, in today's crazy age of gadgets, hoozits, and whatchamacallits, we tend to not use erasers as often because we now have text editing programs that do all sorts of tech-magic to our documents. However, if you are anything like me, then you still appreciate the feel of a pencil on paper. If you do, you probably are doubly thankful for the feel of an eraser on paper, because anyone who writes with a pencil knows that you never start writing until you are sure your eraser is at the ready. I write with mechanical pencils most of the time, and those rarely have replaceable erasers, so I've been known to just throw them away once the eraser is gone. Don't worry, I transfer the lead to a new pencil (Mechanical pencils: 1, Wood pencils: 0).

Today, write as any mistakes as you darn well please because rubber erasers are more than happy to eat your mistakes. Unless your job entails you writing quickly and accurately. Then, save the celebration for home.

Thanks for reading!