Saturday, August 20, 2011

Radio is Retro

Today is National Radio Day! Radios were invented in the 1800's, and before Video went on a killing spree of many radio stars, it was very popular. Now it is reduced to cars and lobby music. Even then, that's only true if you don't just want to listen to your mp3 player or CD's. I think I'll celebrate radio day by listening to Pandora Radio. Mainly because I hate radio commercials. They try so hard to get the feel of what they're selling out to you that it hurts. Granted, they have to because they can't express it with facial expressions or leaping gestures, but still: tone it down, guys. I also hate talk radio. There's just no way to listen to it and be happy after you're done. So instead, I'll just listen to my Pomplamoose station and eat some pizza. Pizza has nothing to do with National Radio Day... it's just good.

Thanks for reading!