Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Want to Give the World a Sock.

Today is No Socks Day! Today is a day to let your feet breath a little easier, while possibly hindering YOUR breathing depending on how thorough of a foot washer you are. Wear shoes with no socks or just no shoes at all! You won't have to do as much laundry the next day, and you won't slip and fall on hardwood floors nearly as much, either! ... Is that... just me who does that? Well, fine then. I still say that wearing socks on hard wood can be risky business.

Today is also Have a Coke Day! If there were ever a combination of holidays that perfectly suits my desires, this is one of them. Drinking a  Coca-Cola (Yes, Coke is Coca-Cola, the other ones are Sodas)  with no socks on is one of the few pure pleasures in life. Coke comes in many flavours, sizes, and varieties (much the same as socks... hopefully sans flavour). So go grab a can/cup/bottle/mug/liter/jug of your favourite kind of Coke (Hint: It's Original), wriggle out of your socks (it's hard to kick socks off, plus i wanted to save the verb 'kick' for this next step, and kick (see?) back/relax to truly enjoy the day.

Thanks for reading!

Vanilla Coke and Lime Coke are also acceptable choices. Diet, too I guess. My dad tells me that Coke and Diet Coke are outselling regular Pepsi. Fun fact?