Friday, June 3, 2011

Phil Connors

Today is Repeat Day! Today is easily celebrated by doing whatever you do today multiple times or doing whatever you do today multiple times. You could even repeat yesterday and eat more rocky road! Id be down with that. There are many different uses to repetitiveness such as testing things scientifically, cooking batches of baked goods, or doing math. In fact, I know several people who do things repetitively for the sole purpose of being repetitive. There's a certain kind of comedy in it for some reason. For those of you about to finish school, yet are unafraid to face the outside world, today is the perfect day to purposefully bomb your exam and repeat the 12th grade! The fun part about that is, you can do it NEXT Repeat Day, too! You'll be the best Repeat Day celebrator ever! You'll also be a well-practiced senior. Those are the only upsides, though.

Thanks for reading!