Monday, May 16, 2011

Aliens LOVE Purple

Today is Wear Purple For Peace Day! My extensive three pages of google research tells me that today is a day to wear purple for a very special kind of peace: Intergalactic. That's right! For years, aliens have been watching our horribly cruel ways, and this is the only thing that keeps them from making contact with us. The remedy is, of course, to wear purple. You may not be aware of this, but I just drew myself up a degree in Alien Colourography (Pictured Below).

Purple is the universal colour for signifying that the location at which the purple is found has an undeniable and unquestionable peace. After seeing purple in mass quantities, such as the Purple Plateau in Pennsylvania, they will forget all about our past wrong-doings and come down to earth and bestow upon us the "Essence of Purple". They've given us a taste of this essence before as you can see here:

Hopefully if we all wear enough purple, they'll visit us soon. My crayon doesn't fit in the sharpener anymore.

Thanks for reading!