Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memory Lane

Today is Camera Day! Today is obviously best celebrated by taking pictures or at least admiring a good one or two. As a middle child, there aren't many pictures of me in existence (not that your picture viewing experience has to be so self-indulgent to always include yourself). That's not to say that my parents simply didn't care enough for me to want photographic evidence of my abnormal behavior, but instead I somehow simply avoided being caught by the lens unless I was directly told to have my picture taken. This subconscious talent has stayed with me even now. I'm rarely ever caught on film and what film I am caught on is blurry and the lighting is too bright or too dark like something you'd see on the Discovery Channel's search for the Loch Ness. However, I did manage to find SOME photos of me as a young child that bring back good memories, and without the advantages of a scanner, I've had to resort to more creative ways to show you these memories.

We'll start with the earliest habit I gained (and the longest lasting)

And, of course, my favourite outdoor activity: Sitting on something that moves for me.

I soon found one of my biggest loves in life: music. It wasn't until much, much later that I could tell that I couldn't play piano as well as I thought I could. It didn't lessen my love for it, though.

Instead, I learned how to keep a beat, and led an army of sugar-filled children down the street in a grand parade to mark the glorious occasion of my 4th Birthday.

Doing such things made me feel served as proof of how awesome I was am.

Although sometimes my parents had to get on to me about my odd behaviors. If you view this next picture as a comic, you can see how my parents and I make sure that I am normal enough for the world while still being unique enough for me.
Panel 1: Me: "Hahaha LOL!"
Panel 2: Parentals: "Stop being so much of a freak!"
Me: "Fiiiiiine. *grumble*"
Panel 3: All: "It was pretty funny, though."

Speaking of the parents, here's a picture of the whole family (minus a brother who would show up later) posing for a picture in our house as it used to be... held up in what our house is now.

Thanks for joining me on this miniature trip down memory lane! Most if not all credit for the pictures probably goes to my dad. There is a video version of my 4th birthday parade that I will not be selling for $10, but if I ever find the VHS (Magic movie box for you young kids), I will try to find a way to put it online, because why not?

Celebrate today on your own by either taking a lot of pictures of things that intrigue you in one way or another, or by doing what I did and appreciating the pictures you already have. More than anything, though: Have fun with it. Because if you don't it won't be any fun.... kinda obvious...

Thanks for reading!