Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yearly Review

Today is Evaluate Your Life Day! In order to properly celebrate today in accordance with also blogging about it, I have reviewed all my previous blog posts so far this year. There is one thing, well... Several things i noticed. One thing in particular that stuck out, though. The first posts of my blog were so full of optimism and excitement, and I was happy when food holidays came around! Now every food holiday taunts at me and my full belly. So, having reviewed my old posts, evaluated my current ones, and compared the two, I have resolved to make my blog better than it is and has been. I will research like I did at the beginning, calling state counsels and asking how to celebrate their local holidays rather than my recent method of googling. More than that, I have a job and can now afford to spend money on the holidays themselves, so I will try to travel like I used to. To museums, parks, libraries, and more! This blog is gonna go places!

Thanks for reading!

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