Friday, June 17, 2011

More Veggies and Nixon

Today is Watergate Day! In case you are too young to have learned about this in history class or too old to remember, the Watergate scandal happened 39 years ago (if my math is correct). Five men broke into the Democratic Committee headquarters and were arrested for it, because that is a pretty serious crime. That would have been all fine and dandy and wrapped up in a pretty little bow if the FBI hadn't found out that the men were being paid to do this by way of a fund that was also being used to re-elect president Nixon. That is a bigger crime. Further investigation gave way to evidence and even testimonies proving that what they had hypothesized about the situation was indeed true. Since Nixon was now pretty much going to be impeached with no qualms from anyone, he simply resigned. He was soon pardoned by his successor Ford for reasons I do not pretend to completely understand.

Today is also Eat Your Vegetables Day! This day is thankfully completely unrelated to the other one. No, today is almost a repeat of yesterday. While yesterday was a day that might have been celebrated simply by looking at or appreciating the thought of fresh veggies, today you have to actually eat them. I know, I know, it can be painful. I'm sure I'll lose some of my younger readers by forcing this on you so suddenly. Perhaps these holidays were put side by side because the great deciders of holidays knew that much like in life, you may need to be told twice (and in two different ways) to eat your vegetables by your parents.

They try the "Wow!" tactic first, as most parents do. Yesterday was Fresh Veggies Day. Almost as if to say "Wow! Look at these veggies! Aren't they great and so fresh?! These are probably the best thing here right now." When this tactic inevitably fails due to the lack of believability in their acting as they struggle to swallow some boiled beets, they move onto today's tactic: The "Do It Because I Said So Tactic". Eat Your Vegetables. It isn't until later in life when we discover logical fallacies that we can begin arguing against that tactic. So for now, you're stuck. There are good vegetables, though. My favourites are probably potatoes and corn. Especially together... mmmmmm.

I bet Nixon would have turned out better if he ate HIS vegetables. (He used to wash and display them in a store, but I see no mention of him eating any)

Thanks for reading!