Monday, September 26, 2011

Triple Threat!

Today is National Good Neighbor Day! You can spend today by either actively being good, or passively not bothering your neighbor to death! It really depends on what kind of neighbor you already are. OR you can take the even more dangerous SUPER-active route, and instead of letting your neighbor borrow a cup of sugar, pre-emptively strike and give them a cup of sugar randomly! It'll be good fun.

Today is also National Pancakes Day! Pancakes are delicious and sometimes even nutritious. You usually eat them for breakfast, although you can really eat it anytime you want! Because gosh darn it, I'm an adult and I can eat whatever I so please! Sorry to all the kids who aren't as free in the culinary areas of their life, but I bet your parents will make you some if you ask real nice. Pro tip: Make a pouty face. Bonus points for quivering bottom lips and/or crocodile tears. (Sorry to the parents whose children may follow this advice and cry at you until you make them pancakes.)

Today is also Johnny Appleseed Day (Part II)! You might remember that we've already celebrated this day way back in March. That's because March 11th is when he died, and today is when he was born. Not in that order, of course. You can celebrate by spreading the story of Johnny Appleseed and how he spread trees all around the upper eastern areas of America. He was also a very religious person and donated any of the money given to him, although he rarely even accepted donations.

Bonus points to whoever makes Apple Pancakes and gives them to their neighbor.

Thanks for reading!