Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trust in Mutts

Today is Mutt's Day! Having been an owner of what I'm 87% sure was a mutt, I can say that mutts make fantastic pets. See, a mutt is a pet (usually dog, although it may stretch over into other species) that is not thoroughbred. It can come from a line of simply two different breeds, or it can have a lot of diverse influence going on in it's DNA. Whatever it's ancestry may be, it always makes for a unique look and personality. These aren't the kinds of dogs that you'll see being paraded around the park like they own it all (their owner might, though). These are the kinds of dogs that like to run freely and get dirty playing with other dogs and small children. They make much better pets than thoroughbreds because they are so much less haughty. Mutts know they aren't perfect, but they're perfectly fine with it. They take what life gives them and make it work. Plus, if Mutts didn't exist, thoroughbreds wouldn't have anything going for them.

Here's a video of some mutts!

Thanks for reading!