Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mt. Nostalgia

Today is Pack Rat Day! I learned on May 10th's holiday that I was a very large pack rat. So many of the things I own are useful only for instigating nostalgia. However, the title of today's holiday could mean I should celebrate it in one of two possible ways. One: I clean up my hoard, or Two: I embrace my inner pack rat and do absolutely nothing about it. See, After I cleaned my room, I rearranged it completely. As in, everything was moved to another part of the house and brought back in. The problem is, everything but my bed is now in a pile of disarray due to some of my furniture breaking. Until I get a new desk at the very least, most of the things will remain stacked according to their size/purpose. I also bought containers to fill with the things I still wanted, but didn't want in my room. However, due to my not wanting to do work today and the fact that the car I put the containers in is gone for the day, I think I'll celebrate today by not doing anything about my hoard. Maybe I'll even add to it.

Thanks for reading!