Friday, April 22, 2011

Nobody Likes Licorice.

Today is National Jelly Bean Day! Jelly beans are perhaps a candy category all on their own. There are so many flavors that I think it has to be almost impossible for anyone to not like at least one. I know that I'm a fan of what I like to call the "Pure Flavors". Things like Orange, Cherry, Apple, or other fruits are always welcome to my mixture. I've never been a fan of Popcorn, Coconut, or even Roasted Marshmallow. I like to mix the pure flavors on my own and see what recipes make different tastes thank you very much. And so help me if I find one Licorice even touching on of mine I will flip out. That stuff is nasty and it wrecks everyone's day.

Now, all of this doesn't matter at all if it's not Jelly Belly brand, because they are the flavor masters. No other jelly bean can stand up to them. If you are planning on making your own jelly bean company, then don't. It would be a waste of money because they own the industry. Not in a bad way either. They are just that good. Their one downfall is that they keep making Licorice even though no one likes it. People who say they like it are liars. I've tried it. It isn't good at all. Stop faking it. Even the name "Licorice" tastes bad. People who call Twizzlers "Red Licorice" almost ruined Twizzlers for me.

Here's a graph I didn't make:

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