Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lamb Paste

Today is Paste-Up Day! This celebration is aimed at anyone who works in industries like newspaper, magazines, or anything that involves typeset and illustration. I used to have a subscription to Nintendo Power when I was younger, and loved it because it was all that I needed to know without me having to search the internet for each individual article. I do NOT want to see newspapers and magazines be 'outdated' by the internet, which is one of their main fears. So go do them a favour and purchase some hard copies of your favourite paper or magazine, and maybe even think about getting a subscription.

Today is also National Roast Leg of Lamb Day! Now, I learned last year in Wales that lamb is delicious. When I saw this holiday coming up, I got pretty excited because it gives me an excuse to both have it again, and to try making it on my own. If there were a restaurant that I knew served lamb, I would be going today, to be quite honest, so instead I'm settling for making it on my own. I've already found mint sauce, which is what they gave us as a delicious, yet optional addition in Wales, so in my beginner-cook mind, I'm already half-way there.

Thanks for reading!