Friday, December 16, 2011

Dip ALL the Things!

Today is Chocolate Dipped Anything Day! Oh... Oh yes. Oh sweet merciful mercies of merciful merciness, yes. This day has been much looked forward to the entire year. Granted, I eat chocolate every day, but this... this is the day for it! I went back to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get some chocolate covered anything, and bought one of almost every chocolate covered good they had! I am about to go to town on this plate of goodness, so you'll excuse me if I'm sound rushed, but... I really want to eat this stuff. You should too! Not my stuff, though. Get your own. Chocolate, despite what hershey's commercials make you think, is not for sharing with just any random person you meet. Sharing chocolate is a benefit only given to the highest echelon of friends. Also, I can't hand chocolate through the internet... but I look forward to that day.

Thanks for reading!