Friday, July 1, 2011

Chilled Innovation

Today is Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day! Today is a day to come up with, or search for a creative ice cream flavor. My favourite ice cream (in america) is probably Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream. It's not really TOO much of a stray from what you'd expect to taste in ice cream, but it's good and original. However, my favorite ice cream in the world is the KnickerBocker glory that I had at Cox's Yard in Stratford Upon Avon. It had gooseberry ice cream! I didn't know that existed, but I am now addicted to it.

Oh... right... mine didn't last long enough to get a good picture of it...
Here's a picture of one that my friend had! (And practiced more self control on)

Pro Tip: (If you tilt your screen, you can see what other food we had on that check)

Thanks for reading!