Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Dare You To Read This

Today is Dare Day! Today is a day to challenge and to accept challenges. There are a few ground rules to daring and being dared that I would like to lay down, however.

1) We aren't in 3rd grade anymore. Dares should be things that are hard to do or are widely accepted as impossible. Not something thats just slightly embarrassing. That's weak. (This rule excludes 3rd graders)

2) You can reject a dare. You may want to think about the implications of rejecting a Double Dog Dare. You can never, EVER, under any circumstances reject a Triple Dog Dare.

3) Dares should not be physically harmful to anyone for more than 10 seconds.

Those are about all the rules I have for dares. Otherwise, have at it. Dares are meant to both force someone to do something outside of their usual comfort zone and entertain others. Usually there is no downside as long as at least some structure is adhered to. Today is a great day to do something that you would usually be uncomfortable or scared to do. Jump over that river in the park that looks like you could so make it across in one leap if you got a running start. Squeeze some salted ice in your hand and see if you can hold it longer than your friends current record. Play five finger fillet.*

Thanks for reading!

*I am not responsible for any cut, maimed, wounded, or lost fingers. Ever. In my life.