Friday, May 27, 2011

Body of Work.

Today is the Body Painting Arts Festival! While I did find a lot of information on body painting festivals, I didn't find anything telling me why today is a day dedicated to it. But I can still explain what it is! Body painting is usually when some removes most (if not all) of their clothes, and then paints their body. It can be anything from just one solid colour to something more elaborate like animal patterns or replicas of famous works of art. People usually do it for a reason or cause, but it can also be seen at very fancy (I use that word loosely), expensive, V.I.P., on-the-list-only type of parties. You usually use a specific kind of body paint, but I do not have that available to me. What I DO have available to me is paint that I'm going to paint my room with. Usually I avoid having paint fall on even so much as my fingers when I paint, but seeing as I'm so full of the holiday spirit, I suppose I won't avoid it as much today.

Thanks for reading!