Saturday, May 21, 2011

Notes and Tips

Today is National Memo Day! Today is a day to know the importance of making, checking, and even sending those short little messages that tell you everything you need to know that day. So spend today with a pad of Post-Its on hand and write as many memos as you want. Go ahead. Jot until your hearts content. Send memos to other people in your workplace or leave notes on the fridge for your family. Write a memo on your hand if you're in junior high or on the side of your notes/doodles if you are in senior high. Even your computer has a memo program! Thats right! Huh? No, it's actually completely separate from your normal text editing program. Yes! There is a text editor devoted solely to memo making! I know! I don't know why they didn't just add it in to another one. Well, you should take it up with them, I don't represent their company. Look, just write it down somewhere so you remember, I have another holiday to talk about.

Today is also National Waitresses/Waiters Day! Now I don't know about you, but the waiting staff pretty much makes or breaks the meal when I'm out eating with my friends and/or family. I can safely say I've had one or two rude ones in my time, but over all my experiences with them have been good and even fun sometimes. Honestly, the kind of service you get directly reflects how you treat them, so if you are rude, don't expect them to be running back to you every time your drink is half gone. You SHOULD be nice to them every day, but if you aren't, make an exception for today. Be kind and for goodness sake, don't complicate things with crazy orders that don't make sense. It might be nice if you told them what today was and had fun mini-conversations with them every time they came around. The wait staff has the funniest stories about other customers and experiences they've had. So talk to 'em! And leave a larger than necessary tip! Leave a memo telling them how cool they are, too. That'd be nice.

Thanks for reading!