Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seeing Double

Today is Twins' Day Festival! This is an actual festival that takes place in Ohio to celebrate twins! Twins are some of the most interesting duos that you will find, because they have very unique interactions with each other. If you are a twin today, then celebrate with your twin. Especially if you're in Ohio! If you aren't a twin, find someone who you share almost everything in common with and spend the day with them being 'twins for a day'. Or something. Dress alike, but not in a creepy way. There is matching and then there is just a whole other level that some people take it to that makes you wonder how they even found those types of clothes in matching patterns.

Anyway, I'm flying out to Wales tomorrow, so I don't really know how I'm going to do my blogging over there, seeing as I will be very busy and have very limited connection to the internet. So here's the deal. I will try as hard as my mind will allow to remember to update daily as per usual, but I'm not going to let this become so prevalent in my thoughts that it distracts me from what I should be paying attention to. IF I miss a day, I will tell you what that holiday was once I get a chance to update. Other than that, I'm sorry if you are for some reason addicted to reading what I think about holidays you've never heard of and I cause some major withdrawal type symptoms. I promise once I get back I'll put you back on the daily dosage.

Thanks for reading!