Saturday, December 3, 2011

Looks Good Up There.

Today is National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day! Today is a day to be thankful for all that roof you have over your head, and to be thankful for the things it protects you from. This time of year, it mostly protects you from snow, cold, and zombie paratroopers. They are notoriously known for their winter escapades. Don't forget that it also protects you from the searing, unforgiving blister-heat that we so naively play in every summer that the sun forces on us. Unless you live in a glass house... which kudos to you for being sinless, but that has to feel unsettling every now and then. Well, regardless of your roof shape, size, material, or... weight(?), be sure to enjoy the fact that you have one. Not everyone does.

On a less serious note, today would be a great day to make a Gingerbread House.

Thanks for reading!