Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ella Lancer

Today is Name Your Car Day! If your car doesn't have a name, today is the day to give it one. I'm frankly surprised that you've gone this long without doing so! I named my car within a week of obtaining it. My car's name is Ella. I knew that once I got the car, that it had a love for speed and sharp turns, but it also hated getting too dirty or being in the rain. So, I had my friends try to help me find a good name for her. (I found out it was a 'her' by the songs it played from the selection that I gave it). One of my friends said that, since it was a yellow car, I should name it "Cinderella" because "Cinderella dressed in yella". I had two things to say about that: First of all, Belle wore a yellow dress and Cinderella wore blue. Secondly, that name is too princess-ish for how tomboyish my car was. So we settled on halving the name to just "Ella", which sounds more rough and tumble. Also, calling it "Cinder" would have just been weird.

So name your car today if you haven't! Make sure it fits it's personality, too. Otherwise, it may dislike you. You'll know if your car dislikes you or not.

Thanks for reading!