Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pink Inc.

Today is National Pink Day! It really is a day simply celebrating the color pink. Why pink? I do not know. It doesn't occur naturally all TOO often, unless you live near a field of wildflowers. However there are some psychological aspects to the color pink that are pretty swell such as it's calming effect or the fact that it's often used to be representative of love. Of course, they say that if you see pink TOO often, you might become easily agitated. Even so, some companies base their entire business plan on taking everything and turning it into the same thing, but pink. But this is just one day, so I don't imagine any global disasters would happen if we threw on a pink shirt or hat. Girls: get your favourite pink article of clothing out for the day. Guys: Search your closet for your one pink shirt and wear it.

Thanks for reading!