Monday, May 2, 2011

On Fire

Today is Fire Day! I found very little information about this specific day online, but I'm fairly sure I can figure it out. I would think that it is a day to celebrate the coolest (not literally) element (classical, not periodical) there is. Fire does many things... or rather it does few things, but those things have a large plethora of uses. Now before all you arsonists and pyromaniacs go crazier than normal, I'm going to have to ask that you keep your fiery celebrations under control. Don't light a forest or house or small mammal on fire. Keep it to things that are safe while still being able to be amazed by the fire as it crackles. Did you know that the amount of fire directly relates to how many people are involved? It's true. Here's some facts I made up, but should be taken without question:

Bonfire: Huge party on a hill with tons of people
Campfire: Pow-wow of small friends reminiscing
Fire in a grill: Family picnic
Fireplace: Two people having a serious conversation about life
One candle on a table: All that is needed to perfectly set the mood for a dinner that is otherwise lit by the burning love of two star-crossed lovers whose hearts shall surely be aflame for all eternity.

Whoa... Sorry. Didn't mean to get all poetic on you. It just happens sometimes.

Thanks for reading!