Sunday, January 15, 2012

But Don't Call it A Comeback!

It seems that after an entire year of posting to this blog daily, I've gone through a withdrawal of sorts. I have become far too used to sharing at least one stray thought with the anonymous masses of the internet. Now, however, there is a freedom in what I write about.

No longer am I constrained to the world of holidays. The mere fact that "Today is" weren't the first two words of this post have already made my mind joyously black-flip due to it's inability to even comprehend the freedom that comes fact that it is now able to release whatever it wants into this now un-fenced field of green, dewy grass just waiting to be stomped around in by the big, rubbery boots filled to overflowing by the unpredictably intermittent torrents of ideas rained down from the stormy clouds above until the grass is pushed down neatly into galosh-shaped prints and churned into new, fertilized soil in which new blades of sweet, green knowledge can grow.

YEAH! I didn't even bother to keep track of what was a metaphor for what in that long spiel, but I don't care because I wrote it out of WANT. I WANT to write about random things. Don't get me wrong, the holidays were fun, but now... Oh-ho-ho-ho NOW... Now you are ready.

Had I unleashed the unaltered, unabridged whirlwind of stupid that grows as slowly and surely in my mind as do stalactites in a cave, you would probably have not read ANY of it, and I wouldn't blame you. But thanks to my cunning ruse, you have been slowly given little hints of my personality. Sips of an all-too-strong blend that has, does, and will come off as a very haughty, rich, bitter drink. But thanks to those little sample cups, you now know how you like it. Maybe you can handle it, and you think "Hey I could take this daily and be just peachy." Or maybe you can't drink it straight, so you have to have to mix cream and sugar in it, so you only read one out of every few posts. That is fine by me!

All I know is that this is now officially mine. I have passed my self-imposed, and admittedly self-graded test of commitment. Now is the time for me to make this blog what it was always meant to be! A journey into my own mind and life! You who choose to read these posts as they are written will be able to experience this along with me, as honestly I have only vaguely mapped my inner machinations, and I think it only fair to warn you: Things are about to get weird.

As Always,
Thanks for reading!