Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mind Over Matters

Today is World Sauntering Day! Again! Last time we had a World Sauntering Day, I told you some good ways to saunter. Don't worry, I'm not rescinding the method in that post. It is still valid. Instead, today I am here to warn you about the possible downsides of over-using the saunter.

UPSIDE: You look like you are very in control of all aspects of your own life.

DOWNSIDE: This will make people hoist their daily burdens onto you.

SOLUTION: Either learn to use the Secret Saunter* (otherwise known as the Cautionary Constitutional by some of the older viewers), or accept your role as problem receiver and prepare accordingly to solve all possible problems that are given to you that day.

*Secret Saunter may require experience in Novice to Intermediate level Sauntering. See Index in Handbook for details.

Thanks for reading!