Monday, April 18, 2011

Throwing Up

Today is International Jugglers Day! As everyone knows, juggling is tossing objects into the air and making sure not to drop any. I learned how to juggle using three miniature Mike and Ike boxes, but it's usually something simpler like three balls or something more dangerous like 15 flaming sabers. It can also be used for business men when they are juggling clients around their schedule, or even used for what are called "Playas" who are people who juggle people without the other people knowing for the sake of saying they can. At least thats why I assume it's done? I don't know for sure. Either way, juggling is one of those talents that has been around for an incredibly long time that still maintains it's impressiveness. It takes a lot of concentration, coordination, and strength (depending on what you juggle). It also depends heavily on showmanship. Sure you can toss any number of items into the air without dropping them, but can you make it look easy? Better yet, can you do it with ease and make it look hard? I am personally a huge fan when people throw in their own twist on juggling like this man I saw a video of a few days ago.
That's awesome.

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