Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ain't Got No Alibi

Today is Ugly Truck Day! Since I am a denizen of the southern states, I see more than my fair share of ugly trucks. The thing about ugly trucks is that they are gorgeous to their owners. Every dent, stain, scratch, hole, and animal on or in the truck is another tale of a small adventure they had out on (or off) the road. In fact, some truck owners claim to have taken their truck straight from the dealership into a field to see just how off road it could go. Trucks are, after all, known for being the tough long-lasting automobiles that stay with you as long as you can keep it running. Truck owners are more likely to own dogs since they are the more loyal pet.* That doesn't necessarily mean the the truck owner is loyal, but just that that is what they appreciate in their autos, pets, and most likely their significant others, too. That's why a lot of country songs are written about somebody the singer loved leaving them.**

* This statement may not be true, but could totally be.
** Ditto

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