Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pining for Home

Today is Log Cabin Day! When I think of log cabins, a few things come to mind: the woods, lumberjacks, and Abraham Lincoln. Not because Abe ever really lived in one, but because of this (See picture below)

This simple mini-construction set I used to own as a child forever cemented a correlation between Honest Abe and log cabins in my mind. Even after I learned that he never actually lived in one (only visiting his parents in theirs), I still have this odd picture of him sitting back in a wooden chair by a fireplace in a cabin surrounded by pine trees. I don't know why the trees are pine, they just are.

You can celebrate today by going to a log cabin near you and being in it for a while. If you so happen to actually own or reside full time in a log cabin, today is just an even better day for you. There is something time less about log cabins. So simple, yet so naturally elegant. What better way to make a house look like it belongs where it is than make it out of the materials surrounding where it is built. It shows a lot more ingenuity than changing the land to suit the house's needs. Laaame.