Saturday, July 16, 2011

Juggling Again.

Today is World Jugglers Day! By my count, this is the third holiday dealing with juggling this year. I really don't know why juggling has that many. It's not that it isn't a cool talent to have. It's just that I don't think it's three-holidays-a-year cool.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, though... maybe it's World Jugglers Day, not World Jugglers Day. Because if that's the case, then that is a totally different story. I don't know anyone who can juggle worlds, though. I think the closest person would have to be Atlas. And even then, that's only the more modern depiction of him. See, most people think of him as the mythological being that holds up our earth, when in fact he doesn't. He was actually punished (for rebelling against the Olympians) by being forced to hold up the sky. He was put on the western edge of the earth and was told to hold up the sky so that the two would never meet. Plus, I would think the sky would be lighter...

That really makes more sense, too, if you think about it. If he's holding up the sky, that means that there is one point where he always will be just so he can hold the sky away from the earth. If he was holding the earth in the same manner that most of our statues now show him doing, we would constantly see his arms and smell his pit-sweat. And you know when you hold something heavy and it starts to hurt your fingers so you wiggle your fingers just a bit to get a better grip or maybe shrug a shoulder? Yeah he'd do that and we'd be shaking or getting squashed by random fingers constantly.

Anyway... World Jugglers Day.

Thanks for reading!