Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mob Doesn't Like Rats.

Today is Ratcatcher's Day! It celebrates the tale of the Pied Piper leading the rats out of the town of Hamlin. If you've read the tale, you know that since the town wouldn't pay the piper for his services, he took the children away from the town and... drowned them? I think. Maybe I'm mixing up myths, but that's how I seem to remember it. And I'm to lazy to google it. If you didn't read the story then I'm sorry for the possible spoiler.

Today is a day to do one of many things. You could not pay the debts you owe and learn the hard way what will happen if you don't. You could be a pied piper and teach people what happens to them when they don't pay their debts. ... I just realized what horrible advice that is. Especially if the mafia reads my blog. Er.... not that i mean any offense, Don...

I should go lay low for a while. Maybe play some Mouse Trap. Both the game and the movie. Or was the movie called Mouse Hunt? ... again: Too lazy to google.

Thanks for reading!

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