Friday, July 15, 2011

Tapiooo Caaanada

Today is National Tapioca Pudding Day! I don't know much about tapioca anything aside from what little I gleaned from this video clip when I was younger. Aside from that I'm about as far away from being a font of tapioca knowledge as you could get. So I guess... some kind of void or vacuum. Well, that's enough filler for today's holiday. Like any other food holiday, you celebrate by eating the food that the holiday is based on. So... on to the more interesting sounding day.

Today is also Respect Canada Day! Now before you laugh like I did when I saw this holiday, it's not nearly as dumb as it would seem. See, the holiday was made by Canada FOR Canada. It's a day when canadians observe the beauty of their land and try to realize that they shouldn't screw it up with littering and angry faces. This is a MAJOR difference from what I thought it was: A day made by Canada telling other countries to respect it. That'd be like the principal's kid at the school making a day where he just expects people to not pick on him. That's not cool. So, my bad for assuming, Canada. This holiday is actually pretty cool. Kind of like your own private Earth Day. I assume other countries are welcome to respect Canada, too, though, if they wanted.

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