Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chunks of Joy

Today is National Milk Chocolate Day! Milk chocolate is perhaps, the most popular form of chocolate. It may be due to the fact that as young children, we can be given a Hershey's and have nothing explained to us. I remember when my mom first introduced me to dark chocolate and I didn't understand that it wasn't just a change of color. However, today isn't about dark chocolate, it's about milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is by far the best kind, in my own correct opinion. It's good as a bar, as sprinkles, as syrup, as ice cream, and as pretty much anything that chocolate can be used for. So find a way to get some milk chocolate into your gut today (It should be a gut by now if you've been properly celebrating all these food holidays... unless you celebrated yesterday in a hardcore style beyond my comprehension). Once you've gotten your chocolate, you can cross today off the list, too! If you have a list... I do... I don't cross them off though. ... Do whatever it is you do after you celebrate a holiday.

Thanks for reading!

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