Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nut bad at all.

Today is National Pecan Pie Day! If my metabolism weren't comparable to a tornado made of barbed wire, all of these food holidays would really be doing a number on my system. On another, more pertinent note, I've never had pecan pie before, so today is pretty much the perfect day for me to try some. I warned the chefs at my workplace that today was National Pecan Pie Day about 4 days ago, and I've been told they have made some pecan pies for the occasion. This is, just in case you were wondering, the first time that a business has decided to take part in my holiday celebrations with me (Aside from Firehouse Subs, who tweeted that they were going to celebrate submarine day after I tweeted them about it). I'm not counting Welch's because they previously knew about PB&J day, so I was celebrating with them more than they were with me. All that aside, I'm gonna see if I can't go score myself a slice of Pecan Pie. In fact... I'm not going to push "Publish Post" on this until I have a picture of that slice.


They convinced me to get a chocolate chip brownie bite, too. I gotta say that red velvet cake balls still win it out over the rest of our stick-based treats, though.

The pecan pie was pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of nuts in desserts, though, so as a personal preference I probably wouldn't eat it if given the choice between it and apple pie or pumpkin pie. But it's flavour is pretty decent. Not bad for a first try pie, that's for sure. I give it a rating of: Nut too bad. As in: Dang this tastes good, but it has nuts... too bad.

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