Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ya Done Goofed

Today is National Goof-off Day! I at first thought that today would be celebrated by fun, pointless games and having a questionable sanity in public, but as it turns out, the dictionary says that a goof-off is a lazy person who does less than their fair share of work. I find this odd because when I'm lazy, I'm called lazy. I've only been called a goof-off when I joke around in a goofy way. So I'm saying that this holiday is open to debate on how to celebrate it. To be safe, I've decided to keep it simple and be slightly lazy while still having fun. I choose to watch both Goofy Movies. That should satisfy my need for seeing funny hijinks and antics happen, along with satisfying the dictionary's need for laziness (as I will be on a couch or in bed for at least an extra 4 hours).

Thanks for reading!

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