Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Organized by flavor.

Today is National Organize Your Home Office Day! This is another one of those fancy self-explanatory holidays. It does however, have a few loopholes. In fact, I own one of those loopholes. I have no home office to clean. What I DO have, however, is a laptop and a desktop PC that could both use a little re-organization of some stray files. It's not as bad on a Mac, because it seems to know where files are much faster when I ask the Spotlight in the upper part of the screen. When I ask my PC where a file is, it not only doesn't remember, it chooses to look in all the least likely places for it to be before it finds it. Don't be fooled! I'm neither a Mac or PC. It's just that in that one area, Macs are most definitely better. Don't feel bad, PC's, you still have a lot more video games.

Today is also National Chip and Dip Day! This day leaves a lot to the imagination. What kind of chip do I eat? Potato? Tortilla? ... Corn Tortilla? I might even be inclined to eat french fries just because they are called chips sometimes. Which, by the way, opens a whole new floodgate of dips to choose from. Maybe you don't know what kind of chip goes best with what dip. Here are some of my favourite combos to help get you started.

Potato + Sour Cream & Onion
Potato + French Onion
Tortilla + Salsa
Tortilla + Queso
Apple Chips + Nothing. Apple chips are delicious. Dip them straight into your mouth.

Thanks for reading!

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