Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today is Alfred Hitchcock Day! I have absolutely no idea why the holiday committee chose today, because I can't find anything about him that happened today. However, that is not very important, as a lot of other holidays have been much, much more obscure.

Alfred Hitchcock, as I hope you all know, was and is known as a aster of psychological suspense. His movies may not have been the kind that you openly screamed at, but they definitely affected how much sleep you got that night. He is also well known for appearing in his own films in one way or another through small cameos. He was able to make the audience feel like part of the movie with camera work that was meant to look like it was the view of an actual person through techniques like view-bobbing or quick-panning.

Today is a day to remember all the classic thrillers he created. The easiest and most convenient way would to be to go down to your local video rental store and rent one or two of his movies and watch them. If his work is just a little too "scary" or "creepy" for you, you might consider renting a comedic tribute to Hitchcock called "High Anxiety". In fact, Hitchcock himself liked it enough to send the producer a bottle of wine. Or so wikipedia says.

Thanks for reading!

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