Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bling Bling

Today is Jewel Day! It is a fairly straightforward day, as it is celebrated by giving or receiving jewelry. I don't have very many anecdotes about today, as I have rarely given or received jewelry. I will say that this is by no means meant to be an expensive holiday. Any piece of jewelry will do, but don't let me stop you from going all out. You can give anything from the cheapest bracelet you can find to the most expensive ring. Maybe even a very special ring? ... Probably not, though. When asked why you chose to propose on a particular day, saying "Some kid's blog said it was a good day for it." is not exactly the best of answers. If you're in a street gang, maybe you could get one of your fellow hoodlums some more "ice". If that's what they call it still. I guess you already knew how "street" I was by the time I said "hoodlums", though.

Thanks for reading!

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