Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy girls sing.

Today is I Want You To Be Happy Day! It is a day to wish happiness on your friends without looking for ways in which it might somehow benefit you in return. Make today all about others, and less about you. In fact, do a little more thank simply telling them you want them to be happy, and actually do something that will make them happy. It doesn't have to take a grand, planned effort. Just something small yet meaningful to brighten their day.

Today is also Peach Blossom Day! It is a day for girls to celebrate the fact that they are girls. I had no idea what this had to do with peach blossoms, so I looked it up. Peach blossoms were used in chinese festivals to symbolize happy marriage. They also insinuated gentility, composure, and tranquility, which are all quite lady-like things to have. So ladies, have fun being ladies today!

Today is also National Anthem Day! Francis Scott Key's song was officially made America's national anthem today. Show your patriotism by singing the national anthem at some point during your day. If you do it in a crowded place, see how many people join in!

That's it for today! Triple holiday, though! On the 3rd, no less! Pretty neat!

Thanks for reading!

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