Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goody Goody

It's National Gumdrop Day! The first day in February about food that is easy for me to come by, and still quite tasty. There are a lot of different gummy candies that are made of the same stuff as gumdrops, but actual gumdrops will always have the very unique and noticeably different texture and taste. The classic gumdrop, in my opinion at least, are the kind with a very light coating of sugar around them (See: Candyland). So since today is dedicated to gumdrops, I will eat the ones that I just so happen to have from recent holidays and vacations. Even though they are fruit flavoured, and usually gumdrops are flavoured in different minty tastes. I prefer the fruit flavour, though. I don't know why this holiday is in February and not December, as I could have made a gingerbread house or some such thing. Oh, well. Time to go eat some candy!

Thanks for reading!

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