Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be-friending Oscar

Today is Do a Grouch a Favor Day, a day to do a little something nice for someone in your life that may be a little grouchy sometimes, or even grouchy all the time. I think that everybody notices someone being a bit of a grouch at least a few times a day, so finding one should be no trouble at all. Helping one "un-grouch" may be a little tough, however. Do they need a talk? A pat on the back? A simple candy bar? Everyone has different things that cheer them up. With me being very sick and stuck at home in bed or on a couch, one would think that there isn't much cheering up that I could do. But I have access to the internet, which is a home for some of the grouchiest grouches in the world. I shall be keeping an eye on the level of grouchiness on my social sites today and try to de-grouchify as many as I can. Like a... superhero of sorts. Awaaaaaay!

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