Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting Snippy

Today is Champion Crab Races Day. Not Championship... Champion. Meaning that the crab itself it a champion. Now, seeing as I am still sickly and when I stand I get slightly dizzy, I can't drive to go see any crabs (much less champion crabs (much less champion crabs that race)) today. Especially since the nearest place with crabs is around 2-3 hours away. Even the hermit crabs at the mall would be risking my health. What I CAN do, however is watch and do a lot of crab related things. I've already watched A few episodes of Deadliest Catch today, and THOSE are some champion crabs if I've ever seen any, and those boats are racing each other along with time itself. I also tried walking like a crab, but that wasn't a good idea in my current state. I did learn that there are crab races at the Disney parks, which means I was so close and yet so far. If any of you have a crab or two, today is the perfect day to first turn them into champion crabs, and then race them! I found absolutely no reason for this holiday's existence, aside from the fun of watching crabs race. So have fun with it!

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