Monday, February 14, 2011

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Today is a day that hardly needs any introduction by me, as I'm sure all of you have been preparing for it for weeks (or possibly trying to avoid it). That's right, it's Ferris Wheel Day! In celebration of the birthday of the ferris wheel inventor: George Washington Gale Ferris. I've looked around, and unfortunately there aren't too many places with a ferris wheel that are open today. No places with a ferris wheel are open, actually. This is a bit of a downer because I have never been on one. Ever. However, I do have fond memories of ferris wheels that range from waiting in line and then giving up after 2 hours, to a more recent time from my trip to England last August. We were doing some last-days-of-being-tourists shopping, and near all the shops was a large ferris wheel that me and my friend Kristin kinda wanted to go on real bad. We were, however, sadly outvoted and we went to an everlasting beach instead. Which is a whole other story for another day. Here are some awesome pictures taken of the ferris wheel with Kristin's amazing camera skills.

If you like whatcha see, then you should probably check out her blog as well!

Today is also National Heart to Heart Day. There were absolutely no helpful things on the web that I could find to help me define exactly what this holiday means. Luckily, it's pretty self-explanatory. It is a day to find someone who you need a talk with (good or bad(or even neutral) and have a nice, long conversation with them about what has been going on in your and their lives. In short, a day to really reconnect with those you may have not had a good talk with in a while, or simply a day to strengthen the bonds of friendships you already have.

Oh, it's also Valentine's Day.

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