Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quotidian, Festive Occasions: Chronicled

Today is Dictionary Day! This day is tribute to Noah Webster, who is considered to be the Father of the American Dictionary. Allot time from your itinerary and dedicate it to ameliorate your vocabulary. Be careful, though, or you might end up with a sentence that doesn't sound quite right (like the one before this one). Sure, you can use big fancy words, but does the sentence really flow? Simply knowing the meaning of a word doesn't grant you the ability to use it wherever it replaces a shorter word with the same meaning. Spend time learning the history behind a word, and you may find that it's application in the language is actually quite specific. Today's challenge is to add at least one word into your vocabulary that you can use often. My word of choice is: Growlery. It's a word that Charles Dickens apparently coined for a place that one goes when in an ill temper. So it will be a useful word to use whenever I have the mulligrubs.

Thanks for reading!

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