Friday, September 9, 2011

Bear Necessities

Today is Teddy Bear Day! Teddy Bears are an important part of any person's childhood. They are friends, guardians, and don't mind being pillows every now and then. Almost everyone I know has a bear or some sort of stuffed animal that they cuddled when they were younger. I had a plethora of stuffed animals when I was young, but few have had quite the amount of memories as a certain bear has shared with me. Potato Joe (Seen below at a bear-friendly dance club) has shared most, if not all, of my journeys to places.

He gets a little CRAZY sometimes

Potato Joe has quite the tale to tell. One of my close cronies, Meagan has a birthday two days apart from mine. As it so happened, our birthdays or, even more often, the day in between them fell on a church day. So we would celebrate by a present-swap. However, my senior year of high school, I went on a trip to colorado with the rest of my class during the week of our birthdays! GASP!

So, we decided that the saturday I got back, we would make up for breaking our annual tradition by spending the entire day together, filling it with whatever activities we could find. So from 8am-really late, we went to malls, restaurants, parks, and all sorts of time-filling activities such as Apples to Apples (We had more people by then, don't worry). The most important and memorable event, however, was the spur of the moment decision to wander into Build-A-Bear.

It was decided that we would make matching bears, so we first looked at clothes. We found the best  option were the denim overalls/dress. It was therefore decided that they would be farmers/artisans. Potato Joe and Sweet Pea (Seen below discussing how her farmville is far more efficient than yours) were born. Potato Joe now rides in my car in the back middle seat, since he swears it's the safest, and enjoys all the places I take him to.

"Look, have YOU ever had a farm? No? Okay then."

What's your bear, and how did you get him/her?
yeah that's right I'm turning tables and making you tell a story.

Thanks for reading!

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