Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nuts and Pardons

Today is National Date Nut Bread Day! I've said many-a-time how few-a-ways there are to tell you to eat food. And frankly, I don't like nuts in bread because they crunchify what should otherwise be a very soft and crumbly texture. Especially when it comes to cakes. Although I guess it is called date-nut bread, not date-nut cake. But I mean who uses it for a sandwich or any other regular bread-like use? We call cinnamon bread a bread, but I never use it for anything but a dessert. Let's face it, if a bread can be called 'rich', 'thick', or 'sweet', it's cake and should be treated as such.

Today is also Pardon Day! This day is a reminder of the day that Nixon was granted a pardon from any affiliation with waters, gates, or any combination that could made of the two. Or something like that. I slept through Modern History. Whatever the case may be, today is a day to both ask for and give pardons to others. Whether they should be or not! Pardons for everyone! However, please note that this does not allow you to do horrible things, then ask for pardons. That's just childish.
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