Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer is Hot?

Today is The Festival of Popular Delusions Day! At least three people on the internet say that today was made by the Germany one day before one year after D-Day. It was meant to basically say "Yeah, world domination was a bit of a delusion wasn't it?" However, this day can be celebrated today by either being delusional, or realizing what the popular delusion is and going against it. A perfect example was brought to my attention this morning (how fortuitous!) when my dad and his friend were saying things to the effect of "Wow it is getting hot?" and "How is is getting so hot?". It then occurred to me that a VERY popular delusion for the people around my area of living (which if you've being keeping tabs, you might be triangulating my position according to things i've said about where i live in previous posts) is simply: Weather.

Now, my homeland area is not known for being the most consistent in short term bursts, but in the long run, it is oh so very predictable. Yet the people always seem surprised by summer heat of winter chill (or lack thereof). We go through it every year and yet for some reason we never see it coming. Well "NO MORE" says I. I will now and forever henceforth never be surprised by the change of seasons, as they are unchangeable and always in the same order. Why should we ever think otherwise?

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