Monday, June 6, 2011

Apple For Teacher

Today is Teacher's Day! For some reason, this holiday is at the beginning of summer. I find it odd because, as a former high school student, this was the time that teachers were least likely to be on my mind. Although holidays are intended to be happy occasions, and I assume teachers are just as happy for the year to be over as students are. In fact I know they are. My mother teaches elementary, and she was just as happy for the 'vacation' as my little brother was. I put 'vacation' in quotes because she also says there is no such thing as a true vacation for elementary teachers. However, today COULD be. I probably should have told her today was a holiday for teachers before she left to help set things up at the school... oh well.

Today is also National Applesauce Cake Day! This kind of cake sounds like it would either be delicious or horrible. I love applesauce, and I can tolerate cake, but when I think applesauce + cake, I picture cake topped by applesauce (ew) or cake filled with applesauce (even more ew). But if I can find a recipe and al the ingredients I need, I will hopefully be proven wrong.

Thanks for reading!

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