Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Road Often Travelled

Today is Rocky Road Day! Today is a late update due to the fact that I was sleeping or away from the internet and eating with real life people. However, it is all forgiven because Rocky Road is simple, fast, and delicious to celebrate. Rocky Road is ice cream (usually chocolate in my experience) mixed with chunks of chocolate, nano-marshmallows, nuts, and maybe even some chunks of brownie. You can find it at almost any ice cream shop worth going to, or you could make it yourself at one of those newfangled 'serve yourself' types of ice creameries. I highly recommend you DO eat some today. Quickly, because there is just less than two hours left to celebrate. I don't care if you just had a two taco meal with rice and beans and finished it of with a large slice of what looked like a 7 layer chocolate cake topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. ... so full... I might just have a Narrow Rocky Road (1 scoop)

Thanks for reading!

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